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TomWhat makes a retail store successful?  The answer is sales!  We can’t succeed unless the people who work at the store are making sales.

I have seen a disturbing trend over the last few years.  More and more retail employees are just filling a spot, taking up space, and collecting a paycheck.

Are you tired of seeing your team standing around the till, painting their nails, surfing the web, and chatting about their weekend, instead of selling, re-merchandising, or cleaning?

In the last twenty-five years, selling in retail and wholesale positions,  I have developed a system for teaching the fundamentals of retail.  This system isn’t complicated, or difficult.  But some employees need some guidance when starting to work retail.  Let’s face it: some people are born to sell, and others need to learn the skills to sell.

The difference between a team member standing at the cash register and waiting for the customer to bring the purchase to the till, and a team member going out and engaging the customer in conversation, developing a rapport, building a relationship, and aiding the customer in their quest, can turn a one-time purchaser into a customer for life.

So many times I have watched good sales people turn a $100 sale into a $1,000 sale just by listening, working with the customer, and using suggestive-selling techniques.

There are certain fundamentals of good retail sales that can be taught.  In my two-hour interactive seminar, I teach the basics of good sales technique, including engaging the customer, listening to their needs, developing a strategy to help fulfill their needs, and suggestive selling to amplify the sale.

This course goes beyond the standard product-focused clinics that I give on the brands that I represent and sell.  This course has been developed over time and proven to turn order takers into sales professionals.

The course includes a handout of the fundamentals of good sales technique, and point-form notes on how to make the most out of every day at a job in a retail postion.

Price: $500.00 for two-hour retail sales training.

Please call 604 469 0910 for further information.


All the best,
Tom Jones


Tom Jones Sales - 604 469 0910 - tmjones@telus.net